About Me

About Me

Hello, I'm Linh!

I’m a Computer Science and Information Science double major at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill focusing on the programming of Web Applications and aesthetics of Web Interfaces.

As I continue my academic endeavors in the field of Computer Science, I hope to, one day, contribute to projects as a Front-End Software Developer and create beautiful applications that will benefit and impact society on a large scale.

When I’m not typing away on my laptop, I like drawing fictional characters in my sketchbook or on my drawing tablet, listening to music, and exploring new coffee shops with friends.

If you’d like to view my resume click here.

My skills

Front-End Skills

UI Design

Back-End Skills


What I'm passionate about

Web Development

The possibilities of what to create in the form of a Web Application are endless. Whether its for entertainment purposes (like an adventure game) or more serious purposes (a tool that tracks open or closed rooms in the ER), the implementation of a Web Application that can serve that purpose can hold so much power and potential.

Web Design

I treat and appreciate Web Design as an outlet for creativity and imagination in the realm of coding. By using AdobeXD, Illustrator, and Sketch I'm able to plan mockups that take into account tastefulness and usability when creating websites and web applications.


One of the foundations to building a Web Application is a working database to store and link information together. The magic of PHP and SQL to do this has always amazed me and I'm eager to continue to learn more about the different levels that this magic can go.


I've only recently started getting into Digital Art but my love for sketching fictional characters started all the way back in 5th grade. I'm ecstatic when I see my characters that I imagine in my head come to life and hope to one day turn my drawings into animations.